More Holidays, More Problems

If one thing was true about Ellie (other than her being a brat), it’s that she LOVED holidays. This December, Ellie got double the holidays since Ellie’s family celebrated Christmas and Candice celebrated Hanukkah. Ellie had moved into Candice’s home before fall classes resumed, and their shared living space was now decorated with a gorgeous Menorah and a twinkling Christmas tree. The couple would spend Hanukkah hunkered down in Chicago, eating sweets and latkes and cuddling in the light of the Menorah. They were then planning a trip to the UK to celebrate Christmas with Ellie’s family for about 5 days, a trip that was making Ellie increasingly agitated. She spent a lot of time stressing over whether her parents would like Candice or– more importantly– whether Candice would like her family. Since Ellie was done with classes for the semester, she had too much time to sit around and worry. Worry, decorate, worry, shop, bake, shop, worry, shop… Ok, so the worrying and shopping were pretty equally divided.

Ellie was glad that Candice was on-call at the hospital on this particular cold, wintery Saturday, because the number of packages piling up at the door was getting a little concerning. Ellie hadn’t quite realized how much online shopping she had been doing lately until UPS, Fedex, USPS, and any other delivery service you can imagine started showing up periodically with piles of boxes. With a sheepish smile, Ellie would sign for the packages and then run around trying to hide the evidence. Ellie wanted her family to accept Candice, so she might have gone overboard on gifts for them. A new guitar for her younger brother, a $400 espresso machine for her sister, box seats at the theatre for her parents, expensive sweaters for the grandparents and gourmet dessert baskets for the aunts and uncles; piles of stuffed animals and dolls for the kiddos. She had done the same for Candice’s family for Hanukkah. She had dropped nearly $2,000 on gift cards, cookie baskets, jewelry, and even a toddler Tesla for one of Candice’s nephews. She hadn’t even thought about what to buy Candice yet, but certainly her student loans wouldn’t be paying off many more holiday gifts.

Technically, Candice and Ellie had an agreed-upon budget. Ellie lived on student loans and wasn’t good at keeping track of her finances. Candice didn’t mind footing the bill on most of their expenses, but she did like to see Ellie be responsible and conscientious about how much was coming in and going out. Ellie hadn’t asked if the budget applied to the holidays, but it was better to ask forgiveness than permission, right?

After tucking away the rest of the packages, Ellie heated up some eggnog on the stove and laid down on the couch to watch the Grinch movie. She enjoyed a relaxing day in her pajamas, thinking about how excited everyone would be to open their gifts. Around 7pm, Ellie heard the door rattle. Her dominant girlfriend was back from her shift at the hospital. Sitting up with a grin, Ellie ran over to greet Candice with a hug and a kiss. There was a light dusting of snow over Candice’s gorgeous curly hair and her puffy winter jacket.

“Hi, baby girl,” Candice cooed warmly as she stepped inside and whipped off her hat and gloves, “How was your day?”

“Fine,” Ellie chirped, “I can’t believe I get a whole month off. I cleaned the house for us and I got groceries, too.”

“Thanks, sweetie,” Candice smiled, “Did you grab today’s mail? Let me check the box before I take my shoes off and then we can make some dinner together.”

Ellie felt herself get a little pale. Were there any small packages in the mailbox that she had missed? Maybe some jewelry or a small electronic? She couldn’t even remember what she had ordered. Luckily, when Candice plopped the mail on their dining room table, it was just a bunch of boring envelopes. Ellie breathed a silent sigh of relief and offered to start chopping vegetables to make a stir fry. The two women shared a bottle of red wine while they cooked dinner and enjoyed a romantic winter evening chatting and laughing at the dining room table.

“I’ve been in the hospital all day,” Candice announced eventually, “I need to shower.”

“Ok,” Ellie replied cheerfully, “I’ll do the dishes and then shower after you.”

Candice stood up to take her plate to the sink, stopping to kiss Ellie all over the side and top of her head. “I love this domestic version of you,” Candice joked affectionately, “Maybe you can skip school next semester.”

“Ha..ha.. yeah,” Ellie laughed nervously, thinking about how all she did was spend money when she was bored at home, “Domestic Ellie is so… good.”


After Ellie’s shower, she wrapped herself up in her new Kate Spade robe (a little holiday gift to herself), and combed her long brown hair out. She slipped on a new pair of slipper socks (nothing like new socks!) and headed back to join Candice in the living room. Ellie expected to find her girlfriend on the couch, but instead Candice was sitting at the dining room table with her glasses on, eyes narrowed over the mail in front of her. Candice’s brow was furrowed and she looked unhappy. Ellie’s heart nearly stopped.

“Babe..?” Ellie ventured tentatively.

“Come here,” Candice said softly but dangerously.

Ellie slowly drifted over to her girlfriend’s side, wondering what was up. Suddenly, she looked down at the table and saw the American Express bill in Candice’s hands. F***ck. Ellie had opted for online billing so that Candice wouldn’t have to see this month’s damage. Apparently she’d made her selection too late. With a dire expression on her face, Candice slid the bill toward Ellie.

“I’m going to have you explain this to me,” she said flatly.

“Ah, oh, uhm,” Ellie stuttered uselessly, her mind racing and heart pounding. Candice shifted her body so that she was facing Ellie straight-on. Her hands were folded calmly in her lap and she peered up at Ellie through her glasses. She looked so serene, but Ellie could see a storm brewing behind her bright green eyes. Candice could outstare anyone. She continued to stare at Ellie without moving an inch. The effect was sexy and also terrifying.  Sucking in a breath, Ellie tried again.

“You see,” she squeaked, “I was taking care of some holiday stuff for our families and I was going to talk to you about it but you’ve been busy and, you know, it’s the holidays and I wanted our families to have nice stuff…” Ellie’s voice got quieter with every word, and tears began to form in the back of her eyes. She knew there was no excuse. Candice looked furious.

“I’ve been too busy for you to ask me about spending $5,000?” Candice demanded, her mouth set in a thin line.

“Well, I guess not. I don’t know,” Ellie mumbled lamely, looking at the carpet and wringing her hands nervously.

“What is your budget?” Candice demanded.

“I need permission for purchases over $200, and I can’t spend more than $500 in one month without checking with you,” Ellie recited quickly.

“Is that confusing or unfair?” Candice asked, her tone a devastating combination of hurt and angry.

“No, ma’am,” Ellie whispered, hunching over in an effort to disappear.

“I want to go over this bill with you,” Candice explained, “But first I want to hear an apology, and then you’re going to stand in the corner.”

“I’m so sorry, Candice,” Ellie began, still staring at her own feet.

“Look at me,” Candice demanded, her voice soft but firm.

Taking a deep breath, Ellie looked up into her disappointed girlfriend’s eyes and explained how terribly sorry she was. “It was terrible judgment; it just got out of hand so quickly,” Ellie explained miserably. Nodding curtly, Candice pointed to the corner in the back right corner of their living room. Not daring to argue, Ellie slipped off and stood with her nose pressed against the wall and her hands clasped tightly behind her back. She didn’t move an inch to show Candice that she was taking the punishment seriously.

While Ellie waited in the corner, Candice went to the kitchen to get herself a glass of water. That little girl had really done it this time. The way that she had blown the budget showed a serious lack of respect, and her failure to communicate was a huge violation of trust. Ellie had never gone over the budget before. She was normally very mindful and complaint, asking Candice even about little purchases like lattes or fitness classes. She wondered what had gotten into the little brat this season. Candice let Ellie reflect in the corner for 10 full minutes before sitting down on the couch and calling her over.

“Come see me when you’re ready,” Candice called out, giving Ellie the option to stay in the corner and calm down for a couple extra minutes if she needed. Ellie chose to take a few deep breaths and then shuffle over the stand in front of Candice. Candice took Ellie’s hands so that she wouldn’t be able to fidget.

“Ell,” Candice said softly, “I’m going to punish you, but after that we need to figure out what we’re going to do about this situation. After your spanking, we’re going to sit down and go over every item on the credit card statement. Moving forward, I’m going to swap your credit card for a debit card for the next few months. That way I can see everything you purchase on a day to day basis until you can earn my trust back. Okay?”

“Yes, ma’am,” agreed Ellie simply, her bottom lip quivering already.

“Good,” said Candice warmly, “Come here.” She pulled Ellie over her lap and pushed her silky robe up past her hips. Wrapping her left arm around Ellie’s waist, Candice lifted her right hand and wasted no time getting into the spanking. There was seemingly going to be little warm up, as Candice started hard and only smacked harder as she went on. Candice spanked Ellie’s upturned bottom from the uppermost corners of her cheeks to her sit spots to her sensitive thighs. It only took a few minutes for Ellie to start squirming and whimpering. Candice continued to hit in an unpredictable pattern, and the warmth in Ellie’s rear grew into a full-on fire.

“You’re hitting so hard,” Ellie gasped, her breath growing heavy already.

Without replying, Candice lifted her right leg and used it to pin down both of Ellie’s legs so that she was completely immobilized. Candice started to pick up the pace, raining down hard smacks in rapid succession. Occasionally, she would hit each sit spot 5 times in a row while Ellie wiggled and cried in pain.

“You will NEVER blow the budget that egregiously without telling me again. If you do, you’ll lose every card that you have and be paying for things with a weekly cash allowance,” Candice explained harshly, “Understood?”

“Yes, ma’am!!” Ellie exclaimed hissing while Candice hit her harder still.

Candice slowed her hand slightly and gave Ellie a chance to breathe. She rested her stinging hand on Ellie’s hot bottom, assessing the temperature and color of the skin. Ellie’s bottom was quickly turning red, but it wasn’t looking terrible yet.

“Shh shh,” Candice offered softly, picking up the wooden spoon that she had swiped from the kitchen while Ellie was in the corner. Ellie tried to turn around to see what was coming, but Candice softly placed her hand on the back of Ellie’s head, instructing her to stay in place. Ellie knew the wooden spoon as soon as she felt its sharp sting.

“Arghhh,” she shouted miserably, feeling thankful that she couldn’t thrash with Candice holding down her legs so firmly. The spoon hit Ellie’s already sore bottom, managing to make it feel like 10,000 tiny bee stings at once. Desperately, she reached her right hand back and wiggled her fingers to get Candice’s attention.

“Will you hold my hand?” Ellie whined pathetically.

Candice grasped Ellie’s hand and gently pinned it to her back, her warm fingers wrapping around Ellie’s. She let Ellie squeeze her left hand as her right hand continued to bring the spoon down over and over. Ellie’s red bottom was now covered in angry red and white splotches. Candice slowed down and started hitting Ellie’s thighs and sit spots in with slow, deliberate strokes.

“You should get 4,500 of these for how over budget you went,” Candice explained cooly, “So rest assured that if we have to have this conversation again, you won’t be sitting for a month.” Ellie whimpered her understanding. After about 10 more smacks, Candice took a break and rubbed Ellie’s sizzling backside. Ellie wondered whether the punishment was over. As if reading her mind, Candice let go of Ellie’s legs and arm so that she could help her stand.

“We’re almost done,” Candice explained softly, wiping a few tears off of Ellie’s red face. Candice felt a little sorry for the girl, but knew that she had to drive the point home. Realizing there was more, Ellie let herself sob freely again.

“I know baby, I know,” Candice soothed, holding and rubbing Ellie’s hands while she tried to calm down. “Meet me in our bedroom, ok? I’ll be up in a few minutes. I want you to stand in the corner and think a little more about why I’m having to spank you.”

“Ok,” Ellie groaned miserably, still crying and taking jagged breaths. “I’m really sorry though,” she added.

“Yeah, I know,” Candice offered gently, “You’re going to be ok. Do you want to pick out a stuffie for corner time?” Candice asked.

Ellie’s crying slowed. Ellie, despite being 27, adored her stuffed animal collection and often hugged them for comfort when she was angry or sad or scared. It was a sensory thing. She loved playing with their fur and feeling the soft cotton against her chest. If she was taking her punishment well, Candice often relented and allowed her to hold one of her comfort objects. Feeling thankful, Ellie nodded back at her girlfriend, looking very childlike and adorable with her pouty face and sniffle.

“Ok, get going,” Candice responded, giving Ellie a tap on her warm bottom as she scuttled up the stairs.


Candice found Ellie in the front left corner of their bedroom clutching her stuffed chicken and sniffling slightly. Ellie had abandoned her robe and was standing there wearing only fuzzy socks and a bright red behind. Observing her figure from the back, Candice felt herself getting aroused and a bit distracted. Trying to stay focused, she called Ellie from the corner and instructed her to bend over the bed.

The bed was a little tall, so Candice had Ellie lay on the bed and propped her hips up with two pillows. She let Ellie continue clutching her stuffie as she went over to the closet and pulled down a smooth brown belt. Ellie heard the belt without looking up and started begging.

“I’m in so much pain, Candice,” she wailed, “Please don’t do the belt, I can’t do it, I won’t spend any money ever again but NOOOOOO BELT.”

“Honey,” Candice said calmly, “You’re only getting 12 strokes with the belt. Just as a reminder that trust and respect are the foundation of our partnership, and the spending this month was out of control, even if your heart was in the right place. After every stroke, I want you to tell me that you won’t break our spending rules.”

Ellie nodded her understanding and squeezed her eyes shut as Candice raised the belt. The first stroke came down right across the middle of her already-sore cheeks.

“AHHHHHHH, ow, uhn… I will not break our spending rules,” Ellie practically screamed. The second stroke followed and Ellie repeated her phrase. When the third stroke landed across her lower bottom, Ellie hopped off of the pillows and shouted out.

“You have 5 seconds to get back in place before we start over,” Candice said evenly, “Five… four…”

Ellie needed no further prompting. She flung herself back onto the pillows and repeated, “I will not break our spending rules.”

Four and five came along, with Ellie gasping in pain but staying in place. After the sixth stroke, Candice gave Ellie a break by giving another small lecture. “The holidays are about family, not buying peoples’ love. I’d love to hear why you found it necessary to go so overboard. Maybe we can write everyone a really nice card instead of spending a fortune on them. My family is going to love you whether you buy them a bunch of junk or not, and I don’t intend to bribe your family into liking me. They will or they won’t. The only thing that matters is how much I love and care about you, Ell. Do you understand?”

“Yes, I know,” Ellie said, feeling defeated, “I got it in my head that everyone would accept us and support us if we gave them nice gifts, but that’s dumb. They should support us regardless and gifts should be something special, not just a waste of money.”

“Good girl,” Candice agreed, “I’m going to finish up.”

The last six strokes came one after the other, and Ellie repeated her phrase one final time. With that, Candice dropped the belt and collapsed next to her submissive lover on the bed. She pulled Ellie into her arms and stroked and soothed her, kissing her head and whispering about what a sweet girl she was and how much she was loved. Ellie buried her tear-streaked face in Candice’s shoulder and allowed herself to be held.

“I forgive you, baby girl, it’s all going to be ok, let me take care of you,” Candice cooed.

As much as Candice wanted to make love to her gorgeous partner, she saw that Ellie was looking sleepy. The lovemaking would have to wait, as would their discussion about Ellie’s bill. Candice lovingly helped Ellie put on a nightgown and brush her teeth. Tucking her in, Candice cuddled Ellie up and played with her hair until Ellie fell sound asleep.

Now, Candice thought, let’s see where the brat hid all of those gifts. I deserve that cookie basket…

23 thoughts on “More Holidays, More Problems

      1. Naughty! It’s such a trap because it’s like, “But I got this Hawaii trip for YOU!” and the other person is forced to act grateful for the absurd spending. So naughty! [Self righteously shakes head at Wookie while silently wondering if it’s too late to book a trip to Hawaii].

        Liked by 1 person

  1. That was a lovely peek into a sweet relationship, Shae. And I agree with Wookie — talk about overspending! That’s beyond nuts! 😀 But I liked how you showed us the reasoning and insecurity behind it all….it’s very relatable to want our families to approve of our relationships and partners. Your story is a good reminder of how we have no control over what other people think, only our own actions and values. Thanks for sharing that gift with us.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. 5000 dollars???? That spanking was totally deserved! I don’t know about Americans, but Norwegians usually use a debit card even if they have a credit card. I only use a credit card if I know I will be able to pay it back the next month. I think that is a good rule. If you can’t afford to pay for it, you better not buy it.
    Thanks for a lovely story, Shae. 🙂


  3. What a wonderful story. A thoroughly enjoyable read. Guess Ellie knows the meaning of money now. I loved the part about 4500 spanks for over spending .,.wow! I reckon that might be a whole years worth even by a naughty brats standard behaviour. 🙃


  4. I enjoyed this story, Shae. Haha it’s excessive, but hey everyone has their own way to deal with anxiety/stress, and Ellie went shopping crazy. 😉 Good thing you can return most stuff postage free eh!
    Happy holidays and thanks for the xmas gift.


  5. Great story, Shae! This storyline is certainly relatable for the holiday season. Although, that’s a lot of money! I just found your Ellie and Candice series and really like the stories. Their relationship, much like this story, is quite relatable and fun to read. 🙂


    1. Thanks so much! I’m obsessed with your series 🙂 I read it all the time. And yes, the money was a bit insane lol. My friend spent way more than that on a trip she booked on her credit card so I got inspired.


      1. Wow, I hope the trip went well for her! It’s nice when real life events spark an idea for a story. 🙂 That’s great to hear you’re liking my series!


  6. I realized while rereading these stories late into the night that I didn’t comment on this the first go around or the comment got lost in cyber space! 😱 Anyway Shae I loved this story. It seems so real to me. Like something a brat really would do and her thoughts behind it. It’s also a good reminder about what is important during the holidays. Thank you for your gift!


  7. Aw, usual Ellie and Candice loving, warm, fuzzy story! Thank you for the gift!

    I really liked that the bratting had a very real reason behind, and one many could understand. I’ve never spent so much in shopping, but it made me think that so often when I buy Christmas gifts I am more worried about the receiver’s expectations and reactions than my feelings about what I’d like to give them 😂 What can I say…must be the Ellie name! 😜


    1. Ha! It must be. I admit that I sometimes act out just for attention (*cheeky smile*) but more often than not there is real frustration or fear behind the bratting! And other times it’s pure entertainment lol. Brats are complicated.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I couldn’t agree more 😂 We’re the most complicated human beings!

        Wait, what am I saying, I’m not a brat. Oh, well…


  8. Oh my word, talk about spend spend spend ! 😀 Great story Shae, really enjoyed reading it…….now where did I put my credit card?


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